For his sixth album, Nick Hempton moves into full organ groove mode. Inspired by altogether too many all-nighters in the bars and clubs of New York City, Night Owl is Hempton’s take on the shuffles and boogaloos that have been the soundtrack to the city since Lou Donaldson, Sonny Stitt, and Stanley Turrentine introduced them in the 1960s. In this late night adventure, Nick is joined by the crack team of Peter Bernstein on guitar, Kyle Koehler on organ, and Fukushi Tainaka on drums, whose combined credits include organ jazz royalty like Donaldson, Dr Lonnie Smith, and Melvin Rhyne.

With six new Hempton compositions, as well as some tasty standards such as “I’m a Fool to Want You”; and recorded direct to tape, without isolation, for that warm, classic organ band sound, Night Owl is best enjoyed after hours.

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