April 2017


Alright, happenings are a-transpirin’ this month! First up, we’ve got two new residencies starting up- Mondays at Winnie’s Jazz Bar at the Refinery Hotel, and Fridays at Le Colonial on 57th Street. If you’re in NYC, please come and hang out, and help us keep these things going! Check the gigs page for details.

 And, we’re recording a new album! Live at Smalls! This will be the new trio project (currently titled “Trio Stonk”) featuring Dan Aran and George Delancey, and will be released on the SmallsLive label. We’re recording the night of Thursday April 20, from 10:30PM till 1AM, so if you want your enthusiastic whoops and whistles immortalised, that’s the night to come down!

 I can tell you now there’s also a short tour of the Pacific NW in the works for early June, but more on that as we get closer…


Aside from Smalls, Winnie’s and Le Colonial, I’ll also be doing some Fat Cats, a BierStrasse, and other bits and bobs- check the gigs page, and come out and hang!

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I’m putting up loads of new videos on Youtube at the moment, from some great recent gigs at Django, Showman's etc. If you don’t already subscribe to our channel, please do! Hit this link, and hit the confirm button, and you’ll be the first to know!

We’re talking nonsense on Twitter and Facebook, posting silly pictures on Instagram, rambling loquaciously on the blog, and shaking our fists and shouting at clouds from the back yard. Join in!


Jungle Boogie. With Kyle & JT at Le Colonial.

Jungle Boogie. With Kyle & JT at Le Colonial.