June 2017


Hempton Band HQ is a little hive of activity these days, with an army of workers bringing gobbets of musical pollen to their Queen: me. And some of those gobbets will soon take the form of the band’s very first LIVE ALBUM! Some of you may remember that George, Dan and I recorded an album at Smalls in April and it was easily the most fun recording session I’ve ever done. The takes have been chosen; deep, meaningful titles have been given to all the tunes; and the mysterious mixing/mastering procedure is now underway. The album will be released on the SmallsLive label- I don’t have a release date yet, but you’ll be the first to know. I have a feeling this is going to be good.

As I write, I’m about to head off for a very brief sojourn in the charming Pacific NorthWest. I’ll be playing in North Bend, WA, and Vancouver, BC. I’ll also be eating stuff and looking at stuff, and documenting said experiences on my various Social Media*. Please follow along and if there’s stuff you think I need to see, chime in!


Le Colonial is going great guns! We’re there every Friday, figuratively dishing up swinging organ grooves to complement the literal dishes of delicious Vietnamese food- and try saying that after half a dozen Mai Tais! I couldn’t!! Also we’ve got some Fat Cat, Smalls, Bierstrasse if you’re uptown… all outlined on the Gigs page. Come and hang out and dig some jazz!

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I’m putting up loads of new videos on Youtube at the moment, from some great recent gigs including Smalls with the organ band featuring Peter Bernstein! If you don’t already subscribe to our channel, please do! Hit this link, and hit the confirm button, and you’ll be the first to know!

We’re talking nonsense on Twitter and Facebook, posting silly pictures on Instagram, rambling loquaciously on the blog, and shaking our fists and shouting at clouds from the back yard. Join in!