February 2017


This month we’re in plotting mode here at Hempton Band HQ- there are tours and recordings in this year’s pipeline, but details are a tad sketchy right now. So for the time being, focus is on local gigs, and fluffing the online pillows, including stepping up our Spotify game. Do you use Spotify? Please follow us, and add us to some playlists- all four Hempton Band albums should be up there now or soon…


All the usuals this month- Smalls, Fat Cat, etc.- plus some special one-off gigs like drummerless trio at the lovely Mezzrow; and an all-star event at Django with Tony Hewitt’s band featuring Dave Kikoski, Ron Affif and Essiet Essiet- that one’s going to be a gas! Check the Gigs page for details!

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I’m putting up loads of new videos on Youtube at the moment, from some great recent gigs at Django, Showman's etc. If you don’t already subscribe to our channel, please do! Hit this link, and hit the confirm button, and you’ll be the first to know!

We’re talking nonsense on Twitter and Facebook, posting silly pictures on Instagram, rambling loquaciously on the blog, and shaking our fists and shouting at clouds from the back yard. Join in!


With Kyle Koehler and Luca Santaniello @ Bierstrasse, Harlem

With Kyle Koehler and Luca Santaniello @ Bierstrasse, Harlem