July 2017


Big fun last month in the delightful Pacific Northwest! Played with some super swinging cats, meet some lovely people (they really are polite), and ate some weird, delicious stuff. Big shoutout to Cory Weeds in Vancouver for the great work he’s doing out there- if you’re in town, visit Frankie’s!

We’re inching ever closer to the album release- mixing and mastering is done, photos painstakingly selected, liner note waffle complete. Sources inside the SmallsLive compound tell me I might have CDs by August… I’ll keep you posted.


Dates are being finalised for a big tour in September/October. I’m hitting China, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Some date are already listed on the gigs page- if you’re in these places, come see me!

If you're in NYC, we’ve got some Fat Cat, Smalls (with drum legend Joe Farnsworth!), Django, B Flat, Turnmill… all outlined on the Gigs page. Come and hang out and dig some jazz!

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I’m putting up loads of new videos on Youtube at the moment, from some great recent gigs including Smalls with the organ band featuring special guests Peter Bernstein and Roy Hargrove! If you don’t already subscribe to our channel, please do! Hit this link, and hit the confirm button, and you’ll be the first to know!

We’re talking nonsense on Twitter and Facebook, posting silly pictures on Instagram, rambling loquaciously on the blog, and shaking our fists and shouting at clouds from the back yard. Join in!


The cats in Vancouver- (L-R) Nick Peck (organ), Jesse Cahill (drums), Hempton

The cats in Vancouver- (L-R) Nick Peck (organ), Jesse Cahill (drums), Hempton